What Does Burning Oil Smell Like And What Causes It

What Does Burning Oil Smell Like

Certainly, unordinary smells and sounds in an automobile indicate something wrong with the vehicle, so you must check on the issue and sort it out without ignoring it. You might encounter repairs due to improper maintenance, prolonged use of the vehicle, and due to accidents. In this article, you will learn what does burning oil smell like.

You might know that different fluid types will be used in a vehicle. Some of them are brake fluid, power steering fluid, engine oil, coolant, and transmission fluid. You might also know that the engine is the main component of a fuel-powered vehicle. You can also call it the heart of the vehicle.

To minimize the heat generated when the engine works, you must lubricate the component by filling the oil when necessary. The time to go for an oil change might differ according to the type of vehicle that you’re using. If you are wondering what burning oil smells like, then you are in the right place, as this article will help you get a precise idea.

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You might sense the burning oil smell in your vehicle for many reasons. Imagine your friend is telling you about the burning oil smell problem in his vehicle and how he sorted the issue. This might make you ponder how it would smell if you have never had such an experience.

The burning oil smell can come from a new or old vehicle, but the smell will change slightly. If you are curious to know what does burning oil smell like, then you can find the relevant information by reading the article.

If you take due to concern about the vehicle, you will not have to take the vehicle for frequent repair, but improper maintenance is one reason the driver comes across many issues. Apart from the maintenance, the aging of components is an unavoidable reason where you will face problems, and you will need to spend on repairing them.

What Does Burning Oil Smell Like

Before discussing the burning oil smell, let’s first discuss the engine oil smell. Have you ever tried smelling your engine oil? If so, you might know the smell of the oil. When you have an idea of the engine oil smell, you will be able to detect if you are getting such a smell in your cabin.

This oil smell will change according to the type of oil that you are using. Also, if the oil is old, then the smell of the oil might vary. Hence let’s look at the engine oil smell in the old and new states.

  • Old Engine Oil Smell

If you are driving the car for longer, you might also be using the oil for too long. You will be able to drive an old car for three months without an oil change, which means 3000 miles, whereas if you’re using a new car, you will be able to drive it for six months, which means 6000 miles. Suppose you have sufficient oil in your car, but if it is aged, then the smell of old oil will be quite different from the fresh car oil.

When your vehicle’s engine oil is very old, the smell will be quite similar to a gas. This is because the oil will contain a lot of sluggish. If you did not go for an oil change recently, this gas smell would indicate that it is time to change the oil in your vehicle as it is very old and not in good condition.

  • New Car Oil Smell

Now you might know how the old engine oil will smell. Suppose you recently went for an oil change, and your vehicle’s engine will contain fresh oil. You might know that crude oil will be used when making engine oil.

Although the smell of the crude oil will be similar to rotten egg or sulfur, you will not expect the same smell in fresh engine oil. Instead, before pouring it into the engine, the new car oil will not contain a significant smell.

When you go for an oil change, the professional will remove the old oil completely and refill the engine with fresh oil, and they will also change the oil filter on most occasions.

When you are driving with the new oil, you know that it will contact the coolant and water in the vehicle. As a result, the smell of the oil will change slightly. If you smell the new engine oil, you will probably get a very mild smell of gasoline, but when you start driving the vehicle, the oil’s appearance and smell will change.

  • Burning Oil Smell

Apart from the old engine oil smell and the new oil smell, you must also have an idea about the burning oil smell. There is various reason why you will get a burning oil smell in your vehicle. Suppose you get the smell; then you have to check on the cause and try to sort out the issue. In case you have never had the experience of sensing a burning oil smell in a vehicle, then you might not know how it would smell.

You will sense the smell of acrid and bitter from burning oil. If the burning oil is in a small quantity, then it will not be harmful, but if it is burning in a large quantity than expected, it will irritate the eyes and the nasal. Hence when you sense the burning oil smell in your vehicle, it is better to sort it out early as this will reduce the expense of extensive repairs.

Why You Get Burning Oil Smell

As already mentioned in the article, you will sense the burning oil smell for several reasons. Let’s look at the few causes briefly.

  • Any cracks in the pipe might cause the oil leak, and as a result, you will witness a burning oil smell in the vehicle.
  • Exhaust leaks can also be a reason why you experience this smell.
  • Leaks in the PCV valve can produce a burning oil smell.
  • When you don’t go for the oil change on time, it might also be why you are experiencing this smell.

Apart from the reasons mentioned here, some other issues in the vehicle, like a worn-out clutch, will also produce the smell. Hence carefully check on the cause and fix the issue. We hope this article on what does burning oil smell like was helpful.

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