What To Do If Moen Kitchen Faucet Handle Is Loose?

Moen Kitchen Faucet Handle Is Loose?

Regardless of the object’s composition, everything that is moved frequently eventually becomes floppier. The same is valid with kitchen faucets. This post will explain “What to do when the Moen kitchen faucet handle is loose.” You’d best give this piece time before making an immediate call to the plumber. One’s hard-earned money could be saved in some cases.

What Does It Mean When A Moen Kitchen Faucet Handle Is Loose?

A crucial component of our kitchen is the kitchen taps. The handles will gradually loosen up over time, whether you use warm or cold water. Inside the marketplace are several different faucets with a range of features. Moen is a well-known name among them in their industry. 

Most of Moen’s kitchen faucets are well regarded and available in a wide variety. After all, Moen focuses exclusively on taps, so it makes sense to anticipate that they will produce dependable kitchen faucets to a good standard. Most customers like this brand because of its high quality and the large variety of faucets that provide a wide range of functionality.

Although it could have an excellent brand, it could eventually become loose and cause issues in your kitchen. The hub, shaft, or lever of Moen-handled kitchen faucets has dislodged or shifted. Particle collection or a deficit of lubricant are only two examples of potential causes. Before deciding whether to repair the issue, it’s critical to identify it.

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Why Do Moen Kitchen Faucets Come Loose?

There are several distinct sorts of issues, and numerous approaches exist for resolving them.

  • Unsecure Connection

Generally speaking, a loose foundation is to blame when you see light leakage. If turning onto and off the faucets is difficult, there may be a slight misalignment. A flexible spout may result from the cartridges not being correctly seated. Moen kitchen faucets can loose due to a missing nut holding the tap head and the base.

  • Worn-Out Components

The nut eventually becomes loose because of deteriorated threads. The wheel and stems would rot if not given enough lubricant. This might result in the faucet coming loose. Alternatively, if it slips, it could fall open. When plumbing, over-tightening it until the point where the nut slides off of its thread will make the fitting lose its hold.

  • Debris Accumulates

The unit won’t seal correctly if there is junk accumulation. This may result in water leaks, a skewed or nonexistent flow from the faucet. It would be necessary to either clean or change the unit.

  • Spindle With A Bend

The spindle’s ability to securely retain the faucet will be compromised if it’s deformed, causing it to move consequently.

How Does A Loose Faucet Base Affect Me?

  • The Base will Loosen

As a result of repeated use, the grip and the bottom will eventually loosen. That is entirely usual. A loose handle on even a Moen faucet is not worth worrying about because they are made to endure for a very long time.

  • Leaking

Your observation of a small amount of faucet leakage is probably the most typical sign of a loose foundation or handle. The links are no longer secure, as evidenced by the small amounts of water dripping out. The leaks will worsen if the issue persists. Even while the leak may not have disastrous consequences, it is undoubtedly an inconvenience that has to be fixed as soon as possible.

Should I Completely Replace The Moen Handle Faucet?

No, it’s possible that just the faucet has to be replaced. A screw inside the chamber spinning or stems assembly may be loose, which would explain the issue.

To resolve this problem, use a wrench or pliers to compress and secure a screw on the cartridge’s shaft. If it doesn’t work, change out the head and spinning assembly.

How Can A Loosened Moen Faucet Lever Be Tightened?

It’s usual for this kind of issue to occur with repeated use. It may be resolved quickly and simply without hiring a plumber, so there’s no reason to get irritated.

We will go over what to do when the Moen kitchen faucet handle is loose.

How Can I Adjust The Handle On My Moen Kitchen Faucet?

Step 1: Ensure The Clear Faucet Area, Then Shut Off The Potable Water Pipes.

Cleaning the surface of your sink and turning it off from the water system are prerequisites before you may adjust the lever on the Moen faucet.

Step 2: Inspect The Handle Of Your Faucet.

Every kitchen faucet made by Moen is configured differently. A Moen cooking faucet is configured differently from a utility faucet mounted. You must proceed by the configuration that your faucet offers. Before doing any repairs, you should examine the Moen faucet’s settings.

Step 3: Take Out The Plastic/Hex Nut.

The lever of the Moen kitchen tap has to be removed to take out the polymer screws or hex screws. If you look closely at the kitchen faucet lever, you will observe that a tiny bolt or hex nut has been placed at the handle’s entry. To carefully unscrew that out, you only need your fingertip or a small instrument like a miniature knife.

Step 4: Look Behind The Ornamental Cap For The Concealed Setscrew.

One Allen wrench would be sufficient to reach beneath the handle plate. For tightening the Moen faucet lever, use an Allen wrench of 3/32 inches in diameter. To locate the screw, constantly examine the components from a different angle. You would be able to feel that bolt once the Allen wrench tip finds it on your hands.

Step 5: You Should Use Allen Wrenches To Tighten Your Setscrew.

Once you’ve located the setscrew, you must turn it counterclockwise to compress it.

Step 6: Attach The Water System Pipes Again

Once the handle has been tightened, turn over the water resource pipes and release the faucet lever to inspect the handle’s stiffness. Your task is finished if everything goes according to plan.


What should you do if the Moen kitchen faucet handle is loose? Among the water jobs that you can complete on your own, this particular one is most likely the simplest. Understanding how to fix an open Moen handle faucet will ensure that nothing is again loose in the taps.

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