Key Broke In Ignition? Here Is the Easiest Fix For You

Key Broke In Ignition

The ignition system in a vehicle is an electrical component, and the energy source energizes the car by producing power. The ignition switch is a part that helps to start the car. It is located underneath the steering wheel and dashboard column. The key is inserted into the ignition switch to unlock and generate power; however, you can sometimes be unfortunate If the key broke in ignition.

It can be quite a stressful situation as it stops you from turning your vehicle on. It can worsen the problem if the key breaks in the ignition in an emergency. Removing the broken key out of the ignition is time-consuming, roughly taking around 60 minutes.

If the key broke in ignition, there are several ways you can fix the issues. But if you are planning to resolve the issue with professional assistance, it might cost between $70 to $300, depending on the model of the ignition switch.

How Can The Key Break In Ignition

The key Can break in the ignition when a part of the key was in the ignition lock and the key broke into two pieces. This can be caused by the key being in the ignition switch for too long or maybe because you turned the switch with excessive force.

If the internal mechanism of the ignition switch is faulty and clogged because of the grease and debris, it might make it hard to turn the key, causing it to snap off when turned.

Another reason could be that the ignition switch won’t turn because the barrel will not turn when the steering wheel is locked; forcing the key out causes the key to break and leave a piece in the ignition switch.

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What To Do When The Key Broke In Ignition

When the key breaks in the ignition, one of the first things you must figure out is to remove the broken piece out of the ignition without damaging the internals of the switch, the best way is to get assistance from a locksmith. Still, if you are confident enough to do it yourself, you can find a safe way. Thus, following safety guidelines to remove when the key is broken in the ignition is an essential factor. Below are safety points that will help remove the key that broke in the ignition without damage.

  • Pay attention to the object you insert into the switch to remove the gadget.
  • Using linear and smaller tools that can fit into the switch, do not force it into the switch.
  • Handle the tools smoothly when inserting them into the switch. If the tool doesn’t work smoothly after several attempts, refrain from trying further.

Finding the right tools to remove the broken key out of the ignition is important. It also makes things easier and more convenient and saves your time. Given below is a list of suggested tools explained about each in brief that can be used to remove a broken key out of an ignition switch

What Tools Can Be Used To Remove Broken Key From The Ignition?

  • Tweezers

Tweezers are the perfect-sized tool that will smoothly go into the ignition key. They are commonly used tools in the beauty industry that helps to out the tiny object. Hence, the tweezers’ opening will help to take the grip and pull the key out of the ignition switch.

  • Paper Clips

Though paper clips is a stationary item, they also can be used for other purposes as paper clips are flexible and small that can be shaped to your need. Paper clips must be shaped like tweezers to pull the key out of the ignition switch, but if the key is too deep, the process does not work.

  • Needle Nose Pliers

The thinner ends in the needle nose pliers make a clear cut to get a grip of the key protruding out of the ignition switch. Needle nose pliers can be purchased in hardware stores or auto parts stores.

  • Key Extractors

The key extractors are one of the best tools specialized in removing keys, and these can be found in retail auto part stores.

  • Mini Hacksaw Blade

The mini hacksaw blade should be a thin and linear blade. It can slide into the side of the key into the ignition switch and turn it gently to pull out the key. There is a possibility the blade might damage the ignition if over-attempted. So ensure the mini hacksaw blade is extremely thin and small to work on the process.

  • Safety Pins And Hairpins

Though safety pins and hair pins are not tools recommended in the profession, these can help a great deal as they are common things to find available in most stores. These can be used as probes to pry at the key and remove them from the switch.

How To Remove The Key From The Ignition

When the key breaks in the ignition, you can remove the key using the safety tips and tools stated above. Follow the steps below to remove the key from the ignition safely.

  1. Examine the depth of the broken key and if the key is completely inserted into the switch.
  2. Spray compressed air to clear the clogs in the ignition switch
  3. If the key is protruding out of the switch and is not too deep, you can use tweezer or needle nose pliers that can hold the grip to pull out the key
  4. But if part of the key is not exposed to grip, it is most appropriate to use the mini hacksaw blade, paper clips or pins and insert it into the side of the key
  5. Turn the tool along with the key by catching the grooves when you pull out


Key broke-in ignition is not a worse case unless there is an emergency. But it is important to remove the key following the safety steps to avoid damaging the switch and using the right tools. If it seems impossible to remove the key from the switch after multiple attempts; It is recommended to take assistance from a locksmith to solve the issue.

 The article revolves around the key breaking in the ignition, relating to how it broke, the necessary steps to be taken, and how to remove the key when it is broken.

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