Is Chalk Paint Waterproof? [Comprehensive Guide]

is chalk paint waterproof

Chalk paint is a good paint for furniture. Is chalk paint waterproof? This is considered as a water-resistant paint, but if you need this to be waterproof, apply a lacquer coat on top of the chalk paint. But don’t use it in places with direct water contact; it will permanently damage your items. Artists create vintage-style works of art by using chalk paints. This paint has the potential to dry with a sand-like structure. But the paint can be easily damaged while giving the appearance of antique.

What is Chalk Paint?

Chalk Paint is an artistic furniture paint that was first developed by the well-known paint company Annie Sloan, and Annie Sloan specially made it to be simple to use, quick, and dependable.

The preparation steps of sanding or priming are very infrequently needed before using Chalk Paint, which may be applied to almost any surface, both indoors and outside. This unique paint gives surfaces a chalky look and texture. In addition to painting wood and metal, melamine, flooring, fabric dye, and even glass, Chalk Paint has the ability to paint a variety of surfaces. As it dries to have a faded effect, it is ideal for giving items a cottage-style vibe.

What is Regular Paint?

All of us are fascinated by the patterns and colors of houses, but we tend to concentrate on the color or sheen of wall paints. However, you must know how each form of paint differs structurally from the others if you are serious about choosing the best paint colors for the modern home.

Each kind of paint has a unique set of characteristics that define its usefulness and which paint is appropriate for walls. Regular paint, which can buy from the hardware and the stores, is used to paint the walls, floors, roofs Etc. But the chalk paint is a bit different from them. Regular paints use pigment, resin, solvent, and additives. So, they take a minute to dry out, but chalk paint needs at least a day to cure the whole process. Standard paints are the type we usually use in our regular household paintings.

What is the Difference Between the Chalk Paint and The Regular Paint?

In addition to having a matte surface, chalk paint differentiates from regular paint in several other ways. Since chalk paint applies smoothly even over multiple coats of paint, people adore using it on vintage items with cracks or plenty of details. This chalk paint has a perfect aged look when it dries.

One advantage is that it doesn’t need any preparation; you can paint directly over most clean, dry surfaces, even ones that have already been painted. Compared to regular paint, chalk paint is much less likely to drip. Since chalk paint is water-based, users can cleanse their paintbrush without using chemical solutions by using soap and water.

This wonderful paint is typically thicker and simpler to work with than regular paint. Due to these reasons, chalk paint differs from standard paint. Let’s move to the next phase, which is about the durability and cost of the chalk paint.

Is Chalk Paint Long-Lasting?

Despite feeling dry to the touch in only a few minutes, chalk paint necessitates a long time to dry in between coats. The short initial dry time is undoubtedly a benefit because it reduces mess to a minimum.

You won’t probably wind up with paint throughout your body when you go on to other locations because the job gets done as you work. Due to their rapid fading, chalk paints have minimal durability compared to other types of paint. People have touched the paint numerous times because it was used in furniture and other items. As a result, this paint ages more quickly.

But you must wait for a day to dry the whole paint. If you can wait this much time, the chalk paint will long last. Remember to keep the furniture away from wet surfaces and dust areas to obtain the maximum quality of the spent money.

Is Chalk Paint Waterproof?

The majority of chalk paint is often water-resistant but not waterproof. Depending on where you reside, this water-resistant protection may or may not be effective. Problems may arise if the color is regularly or often exposed to water.

Your paint won’t wash off when it rains, thanks to the chalk paint formula. It contains a substance that can successfully withstand water. Therefore, if the water is not allowed to remain on the painted object, it will endure longer. Even without a sealer, this paint may be great if you use this in your fence.

As more people discover how flexible chalk paint is, the popularity of the various forms of chalk paint has steadily risen each month. People are contacting us more frequently to inquire whether they can make chalk paint waterproof on external materials as a result of learning new ways to utilize chalk paint on various surfaces.

Due to a large number of inquiries regarding how to make chalk paint waterproof and the growing trend of using chalk paint on outdoor furniture. Despite having considerable water resistance, it is nonetheless susceptible to water. Something painted with chalk paint cannot be submerged in water after painting.

How to Make Chalk Paint Waterproof?

Now that you know for sure, you can use chalk paint that is exclusively water resistant. We can utilize a few uncomplicated techniques to make this paint waterproof. To make this chalk paint waterproof, use an acrylic paint finish.

To protect the chalk paint, use wax paint. A wax paint sprayed on top of the chalk paint application will significantly improve water resistance. Additionally, lacquer paint offers water resistance at a low cost. To increase the paint’s resistance to moisture, mix lacquer with chalk paint.


We made an effort to provide you with the most precise information on the chalk paint on the market. You can learn the proper method for waterproofing chalk paint by reading the above-mentioned article. Read everything from top to bottom and discover how to use chalk paint.

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