How Much To Fix Water Damaged iPhone – Is It Worth It?

How Much To Fix Water Damaged iPhone

Do you want to know how much to fix water damaged iPhone? In this guide, we’ll teach you how to cope with a water-damaged iPhone and how to repair it.

Water damage will be less worry as more smartphones and devices improve their water resistance certifications. Water can still work its way into parts it shouldn’t, producing problems or a complete shutdown of operation.

Contrary to common misconception, placing your smartphone inside a sack of rice would not truly cure water damage to the device. Rice will draw some liquid from the gadget’s exterior parts but will not remove the liquid or chemicals inside the water from the motherboard or other device’s internal components. 

Water Proof vs Water-Resistant

Let’s get this out way early because manufacturers interchangeably use these names. There is no uniform standard for “waterproofing,” which means that nothing can legitimately get termed waterproof because no manufacturer can guarantee it. As a result, everything that can survive a small moisture level is water-resistant.

Water-resistant items are assigned “Ingress Protection” or IP numbers, which assist consumers in determining their water level resistance. The rating comprises two digits, the first of which ranges from 1 to 7 and the second of which ranges from 1 to 9.

The first number relates to intrusion protection, which refers to dust, and the second consideration is moisture protection. Apple has not granted any of its other devices an IP certification, so your iPad, AirPods, Mac, and older iPhone get all vulnerable to water damage.

What Does Water Damaged iPhone Looks Like?

Liquid damage does not just occur when iPhones get dumped in restrooms and swimming pools. It may happen in the gym, golf course, or a walk. An iPhone may get damaged by water in a variety of ways.

A single drop of water inside an iPhone may create chaos. Liquid damage might be noticeable or invisible. It might show tiny bubbles underneath the screen or as corrosion and discoloration within the charging port.

Water damage to an iPhone, on the other hand, generally does not appear to be anything – at least not from the exterior. Water damage on an iPhone may create a range of issues.

Once inside, it’s difficult to predict where the liquid will travel or what kind of harm it will cause. Below are a few of the most common indications of phone water damage.

Phone getting hot

Lithium-ion batteries that have got exposed to water can get very hot. When lithium-ion batteries are damaged, they can catch fire, which is highly unusual, especially in iPhones. 

The phone won’t charge

If your iPhone won’t charge after being dropped in water. The charging port is most likely the source of the problem, especially if this was the main water entrance site.

Because the charging port is among the few areas with sensitive electrical components, there is a high risk of corrosion. If you’ve ruled out water damage, your iPhone’s battery might be a problem.

No sound

When water penetrates a phone and causes destruction, the speakers may fail, interfering with the device’s ability to play music. It may impair your ability to listen to songs, hear the ringing whenever anyone calls, or make calls using the loudspeaker.

As the water within your iPhone evaporates, the speakers may reactivate. If the first sound is staticky or distorted, the audio quality may improve with time — or not.

Phone not turning on

If your iPhone won’t power on after being exposed to water. It might be due to two things: the phone has short-circuited. Or even the liquid has damaged or corrupted specific internal components, compromising the circuitry. If a technician does not examine the phone, both might be irreversible.

Sim Card Is Not Recognizing

The SIM card is what holds the details on your iPhone that allows your carrier to distinguish it from other phones on the network. The SIM card stores information such as your iPhone’s authorization keys. Those keys allow your phone to access your mobile phone plan’s minutes, texts, and data.

If liquid has harmed the SIM card or SIM card tray, your iPhone may be unable to connect to your carrier’s cellular network. If it reads “No SIM” in the top left-hand corner of your iPhone’s display, your SIM card or SIM tray has got destroyed by liquid contact.

How Much To Fix Water Damaged iPhone

How Much To Fix Water Damaged iPhone?

So how much to fix water damaged iPhone? If you inadvertently drop your smartphone in water, what you can do next will determine the degree of potential damage. Following these pointers,

  • To avoid corrosion of the circuit board and other internal components, turn off the phone but not attempt to turn it back on.
  • Remove the phone cover and any other components accumulating water, such as the sim card slot.
  • Wipe down your phone with a clean, absorbent cloth. Attempt to have the fabric into any water-trapped areas on your phone.
  • Keep the phone in a thoroughly dry area and do not switch it on unless a trained person has inspected it.

Professional Help

Several independent phone businesses might assist you in determining How Much To Fix Water Damaged iPhone. Still, they will not provide you with a warranty. They’ll charge customers a premium for a product you can’t guarantee will function. The answer is to visit an iPhone professional to repair any problems caused by water infiltrating your device. 

Final Thought

iPhone water damage issues are irritating and challenging to resolve. We sincerely hope that this guide assisted you in repairing your shattered iPhone. Marketing smartphones as water-resistant seems to be a very effective strategy since it leads consumers to assume that they are, in fact, waterproof. But they aren’t.  


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