Cheapest Way To Remove Iron From Well Water – Why You Should Do It

Cheapest Way To Remove Iron From Well Water

Well water that you get from the underground is not treated, so there are irons in this water. A small quantity is not harmful, but if the water contains more iron, it may cause health issues. This article will teach you the cheapest way to remove iron from well water.

There are simple and low-budget methods that you can use to remove iron from healthy water. If you feel the well water does not taste good, this might be because of the high iron concentration. Suppose you often observe the sink, pipes, and other appliances clogged. Then one of the leading causes of this is iron concentration.

Removing these stains often will be hectic, so you can remove the iron from the well water to avoid this situation. If you are searching for the cheapest way to remove iron from well water, this article will provide the relevant information you can use.

Since iron is a natural element, it will be present in the well water that you take from underground. The human body also needs a certain quantity of iron for development. Still, consuming iron daily may result in harmful consequences such as damaging your heart, pancreas, and liver. So, you must take necessary precautions if you’re using well water for cooking and drinking.

The iron water not only affects your health, but you will also witness stains in your porcelain bathrooms and kitchen appliances. You will get some knowledge about the cheapest way to remove iron from well water from this post. Removing iron from the water will help you complete the task within a small budget, so you will not have to spend much on this process.

Why You Must Remove Iron From Well Water

Before removing iron, let’s look at why it is essential to remove iron from your well water. If the well water contains a large quantity of iron, this may contaminate the water, affecting your health and staining the appliances at your place.

How Iron In Water can affect your lifestyle.

  • Health And Skin Issues

When you consume well water daily, if the iron level is high, this may cause health issues. Since iron is an element that will carry bacteria, this will cause diarrhea and digestion issues. You may also often feel tired and witness weight loss and joint pain.

The iron concentration may also cause diabetes, liver problems, and issues in your heart and liver. Therefore, you must be very cautious about the iron concentration when using well water. High iron concentration affects your skin and may cause irritation and wrinkling.

  • Taste Of The Food

Using well water with a higher iron concentration on your food will affect the taste of the food. Suppose you are making tea or cooking a curry by using this water, then you will experience a color change, and the taste will also be bad.

  • Stain And Clog

Using iron-rich water for domestic purposes will leave stains on your clothes, bathtub, toilet tank, sink, shower, plates, cutlery etc. Hence you will not be able to get a clean and fresh look even after washing.

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What Is The Cheapest Way To Remove Iron From Well Water ?

  • Sediment Filtration

A sediment filter collects and removes particles from your water. If you install the sediment filter by yourself, you can reduce the expense even more. This method will cost about $200 and may increase depending on the filtration level and the flow rate. If you need to replace the filter, then you might have to spend around $10 on each filter.

  • Activated Charcoal

Another method of removing iron and other impurities in the water is using activated charcoal, which you get from the market. When you add this activated charcoal to the well water, it will help to clean the water by removing the impurities. This method is straightforward and also budget-friendly.

  • Sediment Filtration By Using Water Softeners

The resin bead in the water softener contains negative charges, so when the water flows across these beads, the positive ion and ferrous iron will stick to the beads, letting the softened water pass through. You must check on the resin beads and clean them On a routine basis. This system will cost around $500 if you install it yourself. The cost may increase depending on the water flow in your house.

  • Filtering By Using Oxidation

If you are using the oxidation method, then this will require two steps to remove the iron in the well water. First is the oxidation process, which helps to separate the iron from the water as this process will make the iron into an insoluble form. Then you must filter the water to remove this insoluble iron. Hence this will be the cheapest way to remove iron from well water.

  • KDF Filtration Process

Granular zinc is the main component that manufacturers use to make KDF filtration systems. By using this method, you will be able to reduce the heavy metal and chlorine in the well water. KDF will turn the ferrous iron to ferric iron and then remove the iron from the water by filtering. There is more multiple filter system that you can use for domestic water filtering purposes, and they may cost around $500. It will increase depending on the water supply in different houses.

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  • Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is another method that you can use to filter the water and get rid of all impurities that are present in your well water. Since this process has many filtration stages, this will be very useful for removing even small impurities. Hence the water will be clean, and you can use it for daily consumption without fear.

  • Aeration

This filtering method operates by sending air to the water, which will help to separate the iron from water by making it insoluble. Then by using the filter, you can remove these insoluble irons.

These are some of the cheapest ways that you can use to remove iron from the water within a low budget.

We hope this article on the cheapest way to remove iron from well water helped you understand the harmful effect of high iron concentration and how you can remove this iron.

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